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Seasoned performer or just starting out? Let's take it to the next level!

Writing and performing your own music is something pretty special. From taking a bare-bones idea and turning in into a song and it turn, playing the song in public is quite a journey and not always an easy one.


At, we know as a solo performer everything comes down to the individual, there are no bandmates to carry you. However, there are some simple things you can do to make both the artistic side and the business side of being a Successful Singer-Songwriter easier which in turn will make you more productive both musically and financially. I hope you'll find the information in The Singer-Songwriter Blog and Podcast helpful to advance your career.

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My name is Phil McDonald and I'm studio owner and producer but first and foremost, I'm a musician.I've been playing and singing for more years than I care to remember, I've played as a solo artist, I've played in duos and Trios and I've played in bands. I've played gigs to a half-empty room, an empty room and packed pubs and clubs on a busy weekend. I don't think anyone can say they've been there and done that to everything but I've certainly done the rounds.

I currently run Right There Recording, a studio in Jersey, Channel Islands specialising in Singer-Songwriters. I like to work with artists who have an idea of what they'd like to achieve but they're not sure how to go about it. I found this was a common re-occurrence so as well as helping artists with the musical side of things such as songwriting and adding instruments to give them a fuller sound, I drew upon my past experience from the business and administrative side to help with their careers. Being a solo Singer-Songwriter can be a lonely experience sometimes and although the rewards can be fantastic, it can be a bit of an uphill struggle to get there.

So this is where the idea for the Successful Singer-Songwriter came from. I know there are umpteen articles and Youtube videos out there on every aspect of music from writing to recording but I wanted to pull everything together to give you all the information and resources you could need, regardless of whether you're just starting out playing a few open mics nights, or whether you've been around the block several times with a few albums under your belt. In this day and age, everything is moving so fast, particularly in music technology, there's always something to learn. So I plan to post regular blog articles here and put out a weekly podcast here.

I really hope you enjoy the content but in the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch here or via email -

I look forward to hearing from you.



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The Successful Singer-Songwriter is a weekly podcast with new episodes every Tuesday at 06.00 GMT.

I cover a range of topics concentrating on Music, Mindset and Business. If you have any questions please do get in touch. 

You can listen or download via your usual podcast app or by clicking here

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