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Social Media is a noisy place. With billions of daily users across multiple platforms it's pretty hard to get your voice heard, let's be honest. Things have changed so much in recent years and social media platforms continue to evolve meaning it's often difficult to keep up with the latest goings on. As a musician trying to make a living from your art, social media is one of your best friends so how do you cut through the noise to get your message heard?

Simply put, advertising is the best option. I've mentioned it many times, and no doubt will again but the organic reach on social platforms, particularly Facebook means that your content is being seen by far fewer people than it was a couple of years ago. Gone are the days of 100% of your followers seeing your message. That's why it makes sense to advertise. You've spent time and money making your record and to not have an advertising budget to promote your release would be a shame. The good news is - you don't have to spend a massive amount of money. Facebook advertising is affordable to suit any budget and super effective.

Before social media, advertising meant taking out an ad in a printed publication such as a music magazine or a newspaper. You had to pay a lot of money and hope the right people saw it and acted on it. Thankfully, with Facebook advertising you can target exactly who you want to see you advert. Facebook knows an awful lot about us. It knows our interests, who are friends are, where we hang out, what we like to eat, the list is endless. This might sound scary but it can be used to your advantage when it comes to promoting your music. If you're releasing a single you can boost your post and target exactly the right people to see it in their timelines. Your not wasting money on a scatter gun approach hoping music fans will see your ad. Once you've worked out who your ideal audience is you can save it and use it for future campaigns meaning your saving time and getting great results.

Another bonus of Facebook advertising is it's linked to Instagram so you're killing to birds with one stone with your content being posted and promoted on both platforms. You control the budget so there's no getting out of control or getting hit with a big bill afterwards. Even a small budget can yield great results and make a lot of difference to how well your record does rather than relying on word of mouth and organic reach.

I talk about this in greater detail on this week's podcast which you can listen to here. Do you advertise on social media? Are you getting results?

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