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Are you spending too much time recording?

One positive thing to come out of the global pandemic is the way musicians have adapted to the change in circumstances as gigs were abruptly cancelled and the recording studios closed their doors. We've seen a huge rise in live streams where the quality of the production has increased as time has gone on and even artists monetising their streams. We've also seen many musicians getting into home recording as lockdown has meant plenty of time to write songs but restrictions have meant studios have been off limit for the most part. Although this is a positive is can also have a downside.

Historically, recording music was a pretty straightforward and streamlined process. You booked the studio, turned up, the engineer hit record and you got the song down. And that was more or less it. Early 60's albums were recorded in less than a day. However, advances in technology has meant the recording process has become ever more complicated and now it's not uncommon for a band to take years to put an album together. With the advances in home recording technology this has crept over into the home studio world. With no time or money constraints it's easy to spend ages recording a single song, then even longer mixing it. Only then to decide it could be better and starting from scratch.

This is obviously a negative as we're then more likely to procrastinate and not get into the studio at all, "I'll do it tomorrow..." Or become disillusioned with a project by listening to it far too much and never getting it finished. If you were paying for limited studio time you would make sure you were there on time and finished the project on time.

So how about trying something different? Set yourself a goal of getting a song recorded in a day. Mixed as well if you like. Or at the outside, in a week. Record the song, mix it and get it out there. Let the song do the talking rather than the mix. The vast majority of people wouldn't be able to tell if you used a multi-band compressor anyway.

I talk about this in more detail on this week's podcast which you can listen to here.

Are you up for recording a single in a day?

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