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Planning for Next Year

This time last year no one knew that 12 months on the world would be a very different place and from a musicians point of view, careers would be on hold and no one knows when we might get back to something like normal. But it has been amazing the way people have adapted to all live music being cancelled, I never cease to be amazed the way musicians innovate and it's great to see people pushing the boundaries and exploring new ground. So with this in mind I thought now would be a good time to plan ahead for 2021.

The music industry always adapts. No matter what's thrown at it, what new technology appears on the scene or when listening habits suddenly change, the industry finds a way to survive and it will survive the Covid-19 crisis. When streaming became the mainstream, people predicted that physical records such as CD's and Vinyl would vanish forever but they still exist, indeed, Vinyl has been making something of a comeback in recent years.

I think we're going to see more innovation from musicians next year on the proviso that live music may still be limited. Livestreaming has proved very popular during the lockdown period and has opened up new audiences to bands and solo artists. From "sofa gigs" to much more polished settings, planning to do more of this next year and enhancing your video/livestreaming skills could be important. Social Media platforms are said to be expecting more of this and are enhancing their technology accordingly.

Now is good time to start sketching out your release plans for next year. Do you have an album written, all ready to record that you want to release early in 2021? Or are you planning a series of singles to run throughout the year. Having a plan laid out is much the best way to go rather than hitting the ground and "winging it"

Consistency and momentum are the key here and making sure you're prepared as you can be in an uncertain world can make all the difference. Spend some time now thinking of what you can do differently in 2021 and how you can meet the inevitable challenges ahead.

On this week's podcast I talk about this in more detail and you can listen here or via your favoured podcast app. How are you going to innovate in 2021?

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