• Phil McDonald

Releasing music in 2021

After the year we've just had you could be forgiven for thinking January would be a turning point, things would be getting back to normal and we'd be looking forward with the sense of hope and excitement that a new year brings. Sadly this isn't the case so far in 2021. Covid still dominates the headlines and although the vaccination rollout brings that light at the end of the tunnel a little closer, it's going to be a while yet before we approach normality.

With this is mind, now is a good time to set some goals and think about what you want to achieve in the year ahead, regardless of Coronavirus. Setting goals that can be measured is always a good move for a musician, we can keep track of our careers and watch the upward curve. Instead of throwing out some generic targets have a really good think about exactly what you want to achieve in the year ahead. Is this the year you release a full length album? Is this the year you try and get that record deal? You can do a lot more when you have a very specific goal to achieve. To help you with this, have a look back at your career pre pandemic. Where were you in your career? Try and make your plans for this year a natural follow on from where you were. A logical step forward as it were.

It's important to look long term and plan for the whole year. If you were just to set a short term goal of releasing a single by the spring for example, it's likely that after that you'd be drifting and rudderless not really knowing what to do next. With a years worth of plans you can move onto the next target and therefore maintain that upward curve. It's also good practice to keep things under control time wise. If you're recording and mixing at home, don't spend forever on it. Get it done and get it released. So many records never see the light of day as people spend ages trying to make it "perfect"

Lockdown has made is think about this things differently and had made us innovate. Loads of people are doing professional livestreams from our homes using multiple cameras and improved sound. Even when live music does return, there's nothing to stop you carrying on using these new skills you've acquired and the technology that's available. The music industry has changed and we need to change with it. Above all, evaluate all the time. As k your self how you're doing, are you hitting the targets? What could you do to improve further?

Have you made plans for 2021? I talk about this in more detail on this week's podcast which is available here, just click and chose your favoured platform.

As ever, thanks for reading.


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