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Shiny Kit Syndrome

First of all, massive apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. As you might have noticed things have been somewhat unusual of late and my schedule and life pretty much has been thrown off course due to Coronavirus. Anyway, things seem to be getting back to normal, slowly, and I wanted to bring the Friday morning blog posts back to here we are.

This week I wanted to talk about shiny kit syndrome or, buying stuff you don't really need. It's so easy with the time we've had on our hands recently to browse sites like Amazon looking for things to buy. I'm guilty of this just as much as anyone else. But before you do hit the buy now button it's worth stopping and considering a few things.

Firstly - do I need it? Sure it would be nice to own a shiny new expensive microphone but does the one I have do the job? Probably. It's so easy to be attracted to new equipment but the chances are the kit you're using is good enough. If you're a gigging musician you're likely to have perfectly adequate gear to allow you to perform.

Secondly - Do you need to upgrade? Breakages aside, are you good enough to justify spending obscene amounts of money upgrading your gear? If you've only been playing and performing for a short amount of time then buying an expensive guitar won't instantly make you a better musician overnight. Only practice and regular performing will accomplish that. You can't buy your way to instant performance improvement.

Lastly - Your future self will thank you for not getting into debt to buy stuff you don't actually need. If you're a solo performer playing small to medium-sized venues, there's no point buying a huge sound system on credit. If you're running up debts to buy gear, that's less money in your pocket from your earnings as a musician.

It's often tempting to buy new gear but most of the time it really isn't worth it. I discuss this issue more fully on the podcast which you can listen to here.

Apologies again for the gap in blog posts, normal service will now be resumed.

Thanks for reading.


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