• Phil McDonald

Staying Positive

As we enter Autumn and the days get shorter it's often the time to look ahead to next year and to start making plans. 2020 has been a write off as a year, Covid-19 has put paid to many people's plans and in some cases, ended livelihoods and closed businesses. And the worst thing is it doesn't seem to be letting up with many countries around the word reporting big increases in cases. With all of this on top of us, it's easy to get disheartened and to consider throwing in the towel. However, I believe there are some good reasons to remain positive.

Firstly with Covid-19, it will pass. At some point. No one knows when but we will get passed this. Throughout history, there have been world-shattering events which at the time must have seemed terrible with no end in sight. But they did end. World wars, depressions and so on ran their course and people moved on. The same will happen with Coronavirus, which will either run its course or a vaccine will be found. Either way, we will get beyond this.

Secondly, the music industry will adapt. It always does. Although we can't get out and play gigs at the moment, the industry will still be there when we do get back to playing live again. Whatever you throw at the music industry, it always finds a way to adapt and survive. Take, for example, music streaming services. People said it would be mean the end of the record label and music as we know it. But the labels are still there. They've adapted as they always do. And we as musicians need to adapt too. If we can't get out to play a gig, find a different way to engage your audience. Get better at live streaming, look at the platforms that are available and use them.

The technology that's available to us now is pretty incredible too. Not many years ago the idea of live streaming potentially to the world would have seemed incredible. Now it's an everyday thing. So we can't get out to play a live show but we can broadcast on the internet to our fans and supporters and you can always make new fans this way. Also, the tools we have when you look at social media are also pretty amazing. You can engage with people anywhere in the world to share your music, pictures, everyday stuff as an artist. You couldn't have done that a couple of decades ago. If COVID had struck in the early 1990's it would have been very, very difficult for an up and coming artist to keep the traction going and therefore, their career.

So although things can look bleak, there's a lot to be thankful for. We will get back to normal at some point and it's going to be great. I discuss this topic in greater detail on this week's podcast which you can listen to here or via your preferred app. The podcast is also now available via the Amazon Music app.

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