• Phil McDonald

The Right Mindset

In these uncertain and frankly, worrying times our mindset is so important. With everything that's going on in the world, with our careers looking unsure with no live music anywhere it's easy to adopt a negative mindset and think you're finished. However, by looking at things from a different angle, it's possible to stay positive and think beyond these scary times.

The scarcity mindset dictates that there's a finite amount of resources and once this has been allocated, there's nothing left. For example, there are only so many opportunities to play live music in your town and once these gigs have all been taken, there's little or nothing left for you. Or, there are already millions of artists uploading their music to Spotify and therefore there's no point in you doing the same. If we allow this mindset to govern what we do and how we interact with others, it's almost certain our careers will be shortlived.

By adopting the opposite way of thinking, the abundance mindset we see the world as offering unlimited opportunities. There may only be a few venues hosting live music events in your local area, but new ones open from time to time and existing places put on new events in addition to their regular music nights. Taking the other example, yes there are millions of people uploading music to Spotify but that's because there's a demand for it and it's growing all the time. So there's nothing to stop you doing it and with hard work and the right promotion, making a success of it. The abundance mindset shows there's plenty to go around and new opportunities present themselves all the time.

I cover this topic in greater detail in this week's podcast which you can listen to here or via your favoured podcast platform.

Do you struggle with mindset? What problems have you encountered?

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