• Phil McDonald

Uncertain times

As I write this the world is a very different place from a week ago. Or even a few days ago for that matter. The global pandemic that is Coronavirus has changed everything and impacted all our lives. We've seen stock markets crash, schools, and public places closed and panic buying leaving shelves in the shops bare. As musicians, this has a massive impact on us too. With pubs and clubs either closed or in the process of closing countless gigs and events have been canceled. So what can we do in the meantime to not lose momentum?

The key thing is to try and remain productive. Although playing live is probably the most enjoyable thing we do, there are lots of other areas to concentrate on.

  • Social Media/Website - do your pages need a refresh? Could you upload some gig footage that you've had on your phone for ages and never got round to doing anything with?

  • Videos/Live Streams Planty of musicians including household names have been live-streaming themselves playing in their homes. Anyone can do this, even if it's just with your phone. I've seen virtual open mic nights on Facebook live.

  • Finish unwritten songs - if you're anything like me you've got half-written songs knocking about the place, some no more than bare-bones ideas, others almost complete but perhaps lacking something. Work on these. When live gigs resume it would be great to have a load of new material to showcase.

  • Do some recording - If you have a home recording set up put the time to good use and get some tracking done. A lot of studio guys work remotely so it would be quite easy to collaborate with others to put some recordings together.

The above are just a few ideas of things you could do in the absence of playing live. There are plenty more. In next week's podcast, I'll go into more detail and cover more things. In the meantime, please stay safe, look after each other and follow official advice. We will get through this.

Best wishes,


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